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High Efficient Furnaces Incentives:

$100 per Natural Gas Furnace, 96% AFUE, Single or Multi-Stage.
$150 per Natural Gas Furnace, 97%+ AFUE, Multi-Stage

Furnaces must have an electronically commutated motor (ECM). An ECM is sometimes referred to as a variable speed, constant-airflow, constant-torque, electronically-efficient, or X-13 motor. Permanent split capacitor (PSC) or motors are not eligible.

Furnaces must be a sealed combustion unit and must be the primary heating source for the home's living space.

Chimney liners must be installed where a high-efficiency gas furnace replaces an atmospherically-drafted furnace and only a water heater remains vented through the chimney. The interior opening left by the removed furnace must be closed with a metal cap and sealed with caulk or mortar.

Rewards up to $550 are available for income-qualified participants through the Enhanced Rewards Program. See supporting documents for pre-qualified equipment lists and directions.
High-Efficiency Furnace and Smart WiFi Thermostat Combination Incentive:

An additional $50.00 Reward is available for qualifying Smart WiFi Thermostats installed with or without furnace.

See Focus On Energy website for a complete list of current Incentives.
**For WPS customers only Limited Time Offers. Rebates subject to change without notice.
   For General terms and conditions: Go to or call 855.339.8866.
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