** Always Read and Follow Equipment Manufactures Manual. **
Gas Forced Air Furnace 
Clean Filters frequently.
Oil motors if needed. NOTE: On most newer models this is not required.
Check fan belt if furnace has one. Replace once a year.
Clean humidifier monthly when in use.
Replace humidifier pad yearly.
Keep snow, leaves and debris away from outside vent pipes.
Gas Boilers 
Maintain proper water level in boiler.
Periodically check gauges and zone valves.
Check feed water and circulating pump.
Oil ports (if ports are present) a few times each year.
Central Air Conditioner 
Clean or replace furnace filter for proper air flow.
Keep outdoor condenser coil clean.
Keep grass and shrubs trimmed back from outside condenser unit.
Shut off electrical power to outside unit in the winter.
Cover outside unit in the winter.
Call a service technician if you notice icing on the coils during operation.
Thermostats and Zone Systems 
Change batteries yearly (if battery operated).
Do NOT place lamps under or near thermostat (false reading could occur).
Never set back temperature more than 10 degrees from desired setpoint.
DO NOT set temperature back if extremely cold or hot days are predicted.
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